Leeds Partners HAF Resources!

Leeds Partners: Leeds Food Aid Network, FoodWise Leeds and Leeds City Council have been working hard to produce resources that can help guide HAF projects across the country. Keep reading to find out more…

Follow the link below for a Healthy Holidays Food Standards Checklist. Allowing providers and attendees track their practical progress in food standards:


Click HERE to access a Healthy Holidays Good Practice Food Guide! This resource provides:

  1. A brief introduction to why healthy eating is important
  2. Top tips for positive eating and mealtimes
  3. A food standards checklist for food provision

FoodWise Leeds have produced a Building Food Resilience Toolkit. This provides an overview of options available to people who require food access support. It also offers useful information and signposting advice to help organisations explore people’s longer-term food options and to deliver effective food aid provision. Follow this link to read more: htps://foodwiseleeds.org/food-resilience/

Click this link to download the toolkit:


For more FoodWise Healthy Holiday 2021 information and for further resources check out their website:


Holiday Programmes: Feeding Bristol’s Healthy Holiday Summer 2020.

Over 2,000 children benefitted from HAF work by Feeding Bristol during Summer 2020. Follow the links below for more details, including the challenge of working with Covid-19!

Click Here to read Feeding Bristol’s Healthy Holidays- Food Provision during a Pandemic. An impact report on 2020 by Feeding Bristol.

For more information on the work done in 2020 by Feeding Britain- Click Here to read: Healthy Holidays-Summer 2020. An overview of work by Feeding Britain throughout the country. Report written by Feeding Britain’s Project Manager, Sarah Clark.

Developing your HAF 2021 local delivery: Learning from Leeds

Click here to access a presentation by F Wood Solutions, which gives practical advice for community organisations delivering HAF at a local level.

For more information on how community organisation-led HAF clubs in Leeds have developed, and the wider impacts they deliver. Please click here to listen to the GiveLoveLeeds podcast titled- Healthy Holidays Programme.

For more resources from F Wood Solutions regarding HAF 2021 programmes please click here.

Achievement For All -Update:

School Readiness: The national education charity Achievement for All has developed a comprehensive set of free resources that can be used by schools or community providers that will support the development of character, wellbeing and resilience through HAF activities. Piloted in Brent and Newcastle back in 2019, the Core Strength toolkit helps to put the development of skills for learning into the very heart of HAF provision, with little change to planned activities. A complete pack of high impact downloadable resources, including guides for parents and carers, is also available. These easy-to-access and apply materials can be enhanced by training for provider staff. 

Free Core Strength materials: https://res.afa3as.org.uk/CoreStrength/AFACoreStrength/index.html 

Presentation on Core Strength (HAF Alliance Conference): https://youtu.be/5XlGBF-BT_Y 

For more information and to commission additional staff training:  support@afaeducation.org 

Summer of Literacy: The Summer of Literacy is a campaign to encourage all providers of summer holiday sessions to include activities that develop literacy skills through speaking, listening, reading, writing, singing, rapping and any other fun means. Through the HAF Alliance partners Achievement for All, the National Literacy Trust and the Reading Agency (in partnership with Libraries Service) are offering a multitude of ideas, campaigns and resources to ensure that every HAF provider can find a way to bring critical literacy development activity front and centre of planned activities.

HAF Alliance Summer of Literacy Bulletin:  https://res.afa3as.org.uk/HAF/HAF_Alliance_School_Readiness_Bulletin_1.pdf

Achievement for All’s Summer of Literacy offer: https://afaeducation.org/news/achievement-for-all-summer-of-literacy/ 

More information: support@afaeducation.org