Leeds Partners HAF Resources!

Leeds Partners: Leeds Food Aid Network, FoodWise Leeds and Leeds City Council have been working hard to produce resources that can help guide HAF projects across the country. Keep reading to find out more…

Follow the link below for a Healthy Holidays Food Standards Checklist. Allowing providers and attendees track their practical progress in food standards:


Click HERE to access a Healthy Holidays Good Practice Food Guide! This resource provides:

  1. A brief introduction to why healthy eating is important
  2. Top tips for positive eating and mealtimes
  3. A food standards checklist for food provision

FoodWise Leeds have produced a Building Food Resilience Toolkit. This provides an overview of options available to people who require food access support. It also offers useful information and signposting advice to help organisations explore people’s longer-term food options and to deliver effective food aid provision. Follow this link to read more: htps://foodwiseleeds.org/food-resilience/

Click this link to download the toolkit:


For more FoodWise Healthy Holiday 2021 information and for further resources check out their website: