Achievement For All -Update:

School Readiness: The national education charity Achievement for All has developed a comprehensive set of free resources that can be used by schools or community providers that will support the development of character, wellbeing and resilience through HAF activities. Piloted in Brent and Newcastle back in 2019, the Core Strength toolkit helps to put the development of skills for learning into the very heart of HAF provision, with little change to planned activities. A complete pack of high impact downloadable resources, including guides for parents and carers, is also available. These easy-to-access and apply materials can be enhanced by training for provider staff. 

Free Core Strength materials: 

Presentation on Core Strength (HAF Alliance Conference): 

For more information and to commission additional staff training: 

Summer of Literacy: The Summer of Literacy is a campaign to encourage all providers of summer holiday sessions to include activities that develop literacy skills through speaking, listening, reading, writing, singing, rapping and any other fun means. Through the HAF Alliance partners Achievement for All, the National Literacy Trust and the Reading Agency (in partnership with Libraries Service) are offering a multitude of ideas, campaigns and resources to ensure that every HAF provider can find a way to bring critical literacy development activity front and centre of planned activities.

HAF Alliance Summer of Literacy Bulletin:

Achievement for All’s Summer of Literacy offer: 

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