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Leeds Partners HAF Resources!

Leeds Partners: Leeds Food Aid Network, FoodWise Leeds and Leeds City Council have been working hard to produce resources that can help guide HAF projects across the country. Keep reading to find out more… Follow the link below for a Healthy Holidays Food Standards Checklist. Allowing providers and attendees track their practical progress in food…

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Latest Case Study

Holiday Programmes: Feeding Bristol’s Healthy Holiday Summer 2020.

Over 2,000 children benefitted from HAF work by Feeding Bristol during Summer 2020. Follow the links below for more details, including the challenge of working with Covid-19! Click Here to read Feeding Bristol’s Healthy Holidays- Food Provision during a Pandemic. An impact report on 2020 by Feeding Bristol. For more information on the work done in 2020 by Feeding Britain- Click Here to read: Healthy Holidays-Summer 2020. An overview of work by Feeding Britain throughout the country. Report written by Feeding Britain’s Project Manager, Sarah Clark.

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Looking for some events to attend? We offer a range of events from conferences to training aimed at HAF Providers.

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